About VJIP

Video Journal of Innovative Pedagogies (VJIP) is an international, open access, peer reviewed video journal dedicated to publishing articles in print and video formats. VJIP initiates a new movement in academic publishing in the field of education by establishing the first video journal in the field and a database of video articles that captures the latest developments of innovative pedagogies in various discipline, including social sciences, engineering, laws, medicine, religious studies, architecture and ICT. The journal provides a database of video articles that is dedicated to teaching and education fundamentals through simple and easy to understand demonstrations. The journal will also use the video medium and research on new visualization methodologies to provide structured interviews with leading scholars.

Video Journal of Innovative Pedagogies is an interdisciplinary scientific journal in the field of education, published by the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. Its aim to provide a platform for discussion of theoretical and problems of education. Publications from all fields, connected with innovative teaching & learning such as technology, pedagogy, sociology, psychology, blended learning, quality management, information technologies and others. The journal is open to all researchers, young researchers and authors globally. Authors from Malaysia and Asia are encouraged to submit their contributions.

Video Journal of Innovative Pedagogies is published in two volumes per year. Regular articles should normally be between 4 000 and 20 000 words. Major research articles of between 10 000 and 20 000 are highly welcome. Longer or shorter papers will also be considered. The journal also publishes short clips / video, supported by text materials such as teaching notes, theory explanations, literature review, summary, classroom practices, grounded theories and a full set of references. Submitted papers & videos must combine theoretical concepts with practical applications or testing.

Submissions should be addressed to the Editorial office of the Video Journal of Innovative Pedagogies (VJIP):

Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan
E-mail: vjip.usim@gmail.com